the ginger molasses and red wine of a cozy dormer overlooking a misty valley on an autumn morning

I’ve always loved the view of the downhill neighbor’s dormer from our front porch, the way it appears to float in the air above the valley. It’s an old-now-remuddled house but the roof still has those classic lines of the functional class bungalow. I took this yesterday in the morning when the air was misty and the color in the valley was particularly vivid.

This morning Adam and I saw the documentary Flight of the Butterflies (in nerdy 3D glasses…..that is to say, pretty much exactly like my coke bottles) at one of the IMAX theaters at Pacific Science Center. I giggled when Adam’s hands grasped for air in an attempt to provide a landing pad for one of the billions of Monarch butterflies fluttering onscreen and seemingly into our laps. The film lasted just 40 minutes, afterward we farted around a little outside the theater. Then we made a stop at the armory, where we ran into some old friends. When that was over I’d planned to have us just hop on the #8 and head home but Adam wanted to ride the Monorail so we zipped over to Westlake where we got a milkshake and double cheeseburger at McDonalds and Adam insisted we eat outside so he could try and spot a horse carriage (we did). We admired the trees in Westlake Park that are now painted a fluorescent blue.

He and I then walked to Pike- or is it Pine? I’m one of the few idiots who still recite Jesus Christ Made Seattle Under Protest to themselves to keep downtown  straight but I still somehow mix Pike and Pine up, I can’t keep those two in the right order. At any rate, we hopped on the #11 for Capitol Hill. As usual, Adam requested a seat at the front by the driver. I was sandwiched between Adam and a pervy-looking, really frumpy old guy in a beige Member’s Only jacket and greasy crumb-crusted (possibly fried chicken) pleated slacks. Three quarters of the way up the Hill the old guy gets off and is looming above us waiting for the driver to open the door. He looks down at Adam with a mildly creepy look on his face and proceeds to pull a dollar bill out of his pocket and wave it in front of  Adam. Being the polite young lad he is, Adam took the dollar bill and the frumpy man was gone before I could politely protest. What a weird yet normal encounter on the Metro bus system. I took the bill from Adam, he was confused but forgot about it after a few moments. Tonight, Diana and I had a preliminary discussion with him about not taking things from strangers unless we’re present. I did my sophisticatedly childish best to explain to Adam the dude gave me a bad vibe and that was why I took the bill in that instance and then I proceeded with my various bullet points. Adam understood, although he got fixated on the scenario of the familiar adult figure who gives him a gift (but papa, what if someone I know gives me a present?). I had the sinking feeling as I thought about how predators tend to know their victims. But at any rate, we got through the discussion with mostly aplomb but I think the stranger-danger chat is imminent.

We got off the #11 at the Egyptian Theatre and while we were waiting to cross Broadway, Adam spotted one of his younger classmates from preschool and as we were crossing the street Adam went to high-five him but as the kid was a bit timid the high five looked more like Adam was trying to smack him.

Adam had requested we stop at Elliott Bay Bookstore. I acquired some of the writings of John Muir. Also, I’d intended to get Dune but had to take a pass at this time because it was an obnoxious 17 inches thick edition that features 20 words per page (it was $9 for that versus $18 for a normal copy). I decided to wait and get it at a secondhand store, I’m sure there are a million copies of Dune floating around. I hope when I finally read it I can de-associate actor Kyle MacLachlan’s appearance in the screen adaptation of Dune from the novel itself. Apologies to MacLachlan, I think he’s a fine actor and I enjoyed him in Twin Peaks. While we were in the bookstore, I saw Corinna who is a poet from Walla Walla and house-sat for us last month. I wanted to say hello because I enjoy talking with her but she was getting advice from the information desk and last time I talked to her I talked too much because I was nervous so I decided to just watch and see what section she went to but I was sitting in a chair by the stairs and had a limited view of the store.

Adam and I walked to East Thomas (or is it East John?) and caught the #43 home. I let Adam pull the cord for our stop, he thinks that’s pretty neat.

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