adam is delighted that night as we listen to sea lions barking while we snuggle into our sleeping bags, that his Tyrannosaurus Rex shirt glows in the dark

This is Adam at our campsite last weekend, Tskawahyah is in the distance. Notice the low tide? That was all glassy, mysteriously quiet gulls-floating-on-kelp beds-in-the-foggy-mist ocean the next morning.

Adam was almost as thrilled by the ocean as he was when I told him he was just going to just wear his clothes to bed, unless he wanted to sleep in his underwear like Papa. Papa, we don’t have to change our clothes? Nope. I don’t have to change my underwear? No. I get to wear the same socks tomorrow I have on right now? Yes. Hooray!

And so really, you can imagine his excitement when we realized his shirt glowed in the dark!

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