adam hiking smurf roller coaster

Today was positively one of the most blustery days we’ve had in years, the wind and sideways rain turned every window in the house into fragmented mosaics of droplets and globules. It was Monday, so that means it was both boys at home today. Adam, Oliver Fern and i ventured out just once, that was down to the valley for Adam’s piano lessons and then we walked next door to Essential Bakery for a loaf of bread so I could make grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner.

Here’s a couple pictures of a section of the Ozette Triangle Adam and I nicknamed Smurf Roller Coaster. One careless step and you may go head over heels (or heels over head) and you may even land on a poor smurf. I dreaded the narrow miss because sometimes a near-miss is worse than an actual fall, the way you can wrench your body trying to keep your feet. But I did okay- size 15 hiking boots tend to serve as mega-stabilizing units. We took it nice and slow.  Honest to gosh, this was about the wettest hike my camera has ever been on. We found a little protection in this low spot in the woods, but elsewhere it was slanting sheets of rain. The trail across Ahlstrom’s Prairie was basically a canal of water, the puddles were nearly over the tops of Adam’s bootlaces.

I had the camera sitting on the passenger seat the whole way home to Seattle that night in an effort to dehumidify it- I opened all the little hatches and compartments. The D700 is weather-sealed and I’ve taken its ruggedness to the task many times in the past so I wasn’t necessarily panicking, but my eyes got wide a few times when Adam and I got positively clobbered by sheets of rain that broke on us like windows, after extra hard gusts of wind in the treetops (always coinciding with that gutsy moment I pulled the camera out for a quick shot, hahaha!).

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