the hidden lake peak fire lookout

This morning I picked up my friend Lance and his son Cole from a downtown corner after they rode the ferry over from Bremerton, which is about an hour’s sailing across the Sound from Seattle. Cole had an important test at Seattle Central Community College. Grandma was happy to spend the morning with Oliver and so I hoped taxiing Lance and Cole up to the college would somehow present Cole with one less distraction on his big day. While he was testing, Lance and I wandered over to Elliott Bay Bookstore. At Elliott Bay, we happened upon a book featuring stunning aerial photographs of the Cascade Mountains, it included a breathtaking wintertime view of the Hidden Lake Peak fire lookout. The hike to that lookout is one of my favorite in the North Cascades- this is a picture of the inside of the lookout (built in 1931). See the door sitting outside? I had to take it off to get inside, and then put it back on when I left before dusk. I frequently bemoan the fact I didn’t take my contact lens case, glasses and sleeping bag on this night. I could have stayed in the lookout all by myself until the next morning. It’s something I’d like to do with Adam and/or friends in the future. It’s first-come/first-served in the summertime, although good etiquette says you will share with anyone who doesn’t mind sleeping on the floor (the only downside to sleeping on the floor is the minute you fall asleep a family of mice will be doing the macarena across your sleeping bag).

If you are cold put some more clothes on or hit the sack

Please do not pee near the cabin- it reeks – don’t be a slob!

This “house” has no insurance policy!

The smashing southerly view (Glacier Peak is visible to the far left):

The campstove 424….

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