hidden lake maintenance fund

Next year Adam and I may spend the night in the Hidden Lake fire lookout. It would probably have to be autumn, the steep hike would be a lot easier for him in the crisp, cool air.

Below is a view from the fire lookout to the north! On the other side of those lichen-covered granite boulders is a sheer drop, straight down for a long ways. The distant hazy views are due to wildfires, there were fires on the eastern side of the Cascades that really muddied up the air.

Today I did some much-needed pruning of the wisteria that frames the front porch. I was desperate to get a lot of the sub-branches out of the shelter of the porch roof soffit because little birdies have been crapping all over the top step, even halfway to the door. When Adam and I got home from piano lessons tonight, Grandma and Oliver Fern were waiting in the livingroom picture window and my mom revealed the mystery of the birdy-turdies. While she and Oliver Fern were waiting for us, she observed two cliff swallows twittering and preening on the porch. So we went out to investigate and sure enough- those two little rascals were smooshed into the corner of each soffit all snug and cozy.

In other news, for the second night in a row Oliver Fern took a bath with Adam. Oliver Fern loves big brother! Adam really makes him laugh.

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