serious photographer guy

No kidding, I decided I wanted to share this picture of my friend Lance shooting a waterfall on the Olympic Peninsula and then tonight the pizza gets delivered by a gal wearing an Olympic College hooded sweatshirt (Lance is wearing an Olympic College hat). I wanted to ask about her experience at Olympic College but then I realized she could be one of those losers who wears Yale sweatshirts but doesn’t even know where Connecticut is so I held off. Tonight’s dinner was brought to you by Mad Pizza, which I believe is owned by Adrian Hanauer, one of the principal owners of the Seattle Sounders (Seattle’s professional soccer team). Holy cow! Lance was a soccer coach at Bremerton High School for 30 years! Everything comes together….

At any rate, Lance is a great (and serious) photographer and the Olympic Peninsula is his favorite place in the world. He and my friend Kelsie were standing farther away than it looks, I was shooting 170 mm. They’d forded a fast-moving creek to get where they’re standing, the prize was a different vantage of Rocky Brook Falls than usual. Earlier in the day we’d been shooting up the Duckabush River and by this time I was just too chilled (not rugged enough) to join them.

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