the middle fork snoqualmie river

This morning I went a little ways up the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Road to breathe mountain air and do some shooting. It was bright and sunny in the foothills, which was the exact opposite of what I really wanted. But then I did want it sunny and it got cloudy (gosh dang it all) and I’d picked a place to shoot that wasn’t giving me a lot of options- I’d carefully crawled down a steep, treacherous embankment of moss-covered boulders to get by the river, some of the boulders were the size of a big suitcase and they weren’t cemented in place if you know what I mean. I decided I wasn’t leaving my difficult-to-attain riverside perch until I was flat-out ready to go home.  At least it was a comfortable place to stand, on a flat triangle of granite. From the beginning I’d visualized seeing for black and white, though I’m well-aware this image just isn’t very good. It’s a 30 second exposure with a ten stop ND filter. I’d like to try again here when the weather is a more interesting!

Here’s a picture I took from this riverbend a year and a half ago…..the log is still there! At the time I was rushing around like mad because the sun was starting to set behind a forested ridge to my right. If you look closely you’ll spot it in the b/w picture, it’s on the left side of the frame.

Another view downstream:

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