late winter on the middle fork snoqualmie river

We put the Christmas tree up, last night. Grandma and Adam were in charge of going and picking it out, we get our tree from the same lot on Capitol Hill every year. It’s a Grand Fir about as tall as me. Personally, I prefer a short tree. Nevertheless, it’s a nice tree. Very fragrant. Sure seems to drop a lot of needles. And the boughs are soft and floppy, which made putting ornaments on a bit of a challenge. Adam was delighted to be mostly in charge of decorations. I stayed in the background, I was perfectly happy to do so.

Here’s another view of the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River, the Middle Fork has been on my mind lately.

2 thoughts on “late winter on the middle fork snoqualmie river

  1. I still think that the Middle Fork is one of the coolest places I have ever been.

    We put our tree up on the weekend after Thanksgiving. We’re strictly a fake tree house because Amanda is badly allergic to pine. Such a wonderful time of year for her!

    • Maybe when you’re out here next summer there’s a chance we could go up the Middle Fork a bit. It’s more of my wintertime place but there’s a beautiful waterfall up there that could make a good walk on a cloudy day as long as the mosquitoes or flies aren’t biting.

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