trying to take a picture without getting blasted by surf

My first post of 2013! Well, don’t be fooled. We didn’t go to Kauai this year but Hawaii has been on my mind. It’s our newer family tradition to visit every November but this year we decided the unique trials and tribulations of caring for a five month old baby could severely outweigh the relaxing aspects of a faraway island excursion. I always admire families on vacation carting tiny babies around but I would not want to be in their shoes!

If you’ve ever been to Kauai and conducted various exploration around Poipu, this little cove (part of Makawehi) probably needs no introduction. It’s a neat little tucked-away place near Shipwreck Beach. I’ve had it all to myself a few times, which is amazing considering how resorty Poipu is. Diana, Adam and I walked here one morning and had the cove all to ourselves for a couple hours with the exception of a few rubberneckers who meandered by through the low brush and pines.

A huge wave crashed on the other side of the limestone formations here and the wind-blown spray soaked my camera (we were perfectly safe from any kind of water danger). Aaarggh!

Later this week we might get snow along the whulge! Adam can’t stop talking about sledding and snow forts.

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