the calgon-take-me-away brothers during a happy moment at deception pass

I brought Adam to Reservation Head a lot when he was a baby and toddler. I’ve always found the terrain here intriguing- the soft salal-lined trail and saltwater cliffs, madrones and island views. The loop walk from Bowman Bay (always clockwise for no particular reason) is easy and mellow. It’s not too long and not too short. We’ve always come here midweek except when the whole family explores together. You can no doubt come on a busy day (we’ve never bothered to come here in the summertime). Bowman Bay is basically an hour and fifteen minutes drive from our doorstep, the timing is about perfect for a little boy to fall asleep and be refreshed when we get home. Yesterday there was just a handful of people, perhaps because everyone stayed home to watch football.

Today was a major test of my fortitude. Oliver Fern was like a teething baby Rancor and uncharacteristically ornery. Adam botched a step on his latest Lego project (it might help if we stopped getting him Lego sets for ages 21 and up) and I had to do extensive emotional counseling. In between juggling a teething drool monster and a tormented Lego Maniac, I was on the edge of a Calgon moment.  I coped by having all three of us go for a walk at the end of the day into the valley. We discovered Washington Park Playfield is finally unofficially open! I say unofficially because it’s mostly surrounded by chain link fence.  The formerly dirt field at the bottom of our hill has been converted to artificial turf, the installation seemed to go on for an eternity. The field is very colorful, with all sorts of strange lines and dashes going in every direction. If the markings are all for soccer there’s definitely no hope for me to ever understand the sport. Adam ran around on the field in his penguin costume while Oliver and I trotted behind. Adam delighted in throwing himself down on the fake grass and feeling the rubber pellets. After monkeying around on the field for at least an hour (Oliver and I imprisoned Adam in the batting cages) we climbed up to East Madison and stopped at Pagliacci’s to get Adam a slice of cheese pizza, which he nursed for a full 45 minutes while Oliver contentedly chomped and drooled on all ten of my fingers. We walked up to the house in the dark and arrived home at 6:00 to find Diana home, the boys were ecstatic and I was immensely relieved.

The little cove where we ate lunch:

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