the new turf at washington park play field

Whereas yesterday was the stiffest challenge deciphering what Oliver needed, today was a breeze. I felt like a world-famous pediatrician showing parents how easy and intuitive it can be to understand your baby. I thought about producing my own series of Youtube videos entitled How to Solve your Baby before She becomes a Teenager and the Problems Really Begin. Oliver took two long naps, which gave me some time to write and taste coffee (not just drink it). He laughed at me like I was wearing a puppy clown costume. He was even happier than usual in the Bjorn (the iconic baby carrier worn by confident Seattle men, in which the baby is strapped to the chest facing out) and we walked all over the house getting chores done while listening to a couple albums by The Decemberists. At the end of the day he and I walked down to Washington Park Playfield to admire the new field again. We live a couple blocks from the park, you can see our house through the trees from the field itself. I didn’t take any pictures to show it here, but I have a feeling the City will be thinning a lot of the trees that border the west side of the park. They’ve already begun restoration on the edges of the steep hillside where paths run, cutting back massive amounts of ivy and blackberry. Three and 4 foot cedars and firs that were invisible under literal curtains of ivy now are open to the light of day and could grow to be monsters.

I’m thoroughly baffled by all the lines on the field. Surely they aren’t all for soccer. Soccer, baseball/softball….ultimate frisbee, perhaps? At any rate, together with the bright green turf they’ll no doubt look dazzling under the lights. No more late summer and autumn nights when we look down into the valley from our porch to see clouds of dust drifting above the light standards. More daring athletic maneuvers involving ground-to-body contact, I suppose (diving on the pan-hard dirt had to inhibit a certain class of aggressive player). Will we notice an increase in ACL injuries in the weekend warrior who has not properly conditioned her/his self and gets caught by the rug? This is a view south, East Madison above (you can barely make out City People’s garden/nursery store). A long time ago, that was not a hill. There was a bridge there! The park was effectively cut off from the rest of Madison Valley to the south when fill got brought in.

This is looking northwest. There’s another diamond on the opposite corner. The trees on the other side of the field you see here are on a very steep hill, above that is the hillside we live on.

You could make some pretty interesting games involving all these colorful lines, I’m sure I’ll think of something to amuse Adam and Oliver.

Adam and I will bring our soccer ball down here pretty soon and kick some goals!

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