the storybook flu and an awful lot of He-Man

Heartbreakingly cute and sad….. while he was bent over the toilet this morning trying to decide if anything else would come up, Adam cried Papa, I wish this was something out of a storybook and not real!  Alas, at the exact moment Adam started barfing, Oliver woke up from his morning nap and began crying when I took too long to get upstairs. Oh bother, let’s just say the morning was a real doozy of a doozy. The only silver lining for Adam was he got to have a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon marathon from the comfort of his bed with our travel-size DVD player. I’m jealous he got to watch a handful of new episodes without me. For Christmas, we got him the entire first season of He-Man…..65 episodes! It all started a couple months ago when I found a special edition disc at our video store featuring the supposed best episodes of season one.  Adam got hooked and we have a lot of fun watching together. I’ll admit, so far the larger collection of all 65 episodes has had a couple, er, clunkers here and there with even much goofier plotlines and characters than usual. Of course, that assumes you find anything redeemable about the cartoon series. I do….I think it’s really cool and have been ridiculed for it. I suspect He-man is not an acquired taste. You either appreciate it or you don’t.  At any rate, here’s the front and back cover of the DVD set. I knew Adam had arrived when he helped me remember the name of the Wind Raider. Sweetness.

For the second year in a row it looks like I’ll miss out on a January/February coast backpacking trip with friends over a long weekend. I’m positively crushed about it. Last year I had to bail at the last minute when my lower back inexplicably when out on me while I was drying off after a shower (the ignonimy). This year it’s the flu. I expect it’ll take Adam a couple days to get better. I’m praying the virus isn’t catchy and the rest of us will be spared.

I just went upstairs to check on Adam and he was sleeping like an ancient Douglas Fir nurse log covered in ferns and moss, after only a few minutes in bed. I hope he sleeps heavy all night long……

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