Ode to Joy on Crystal Peak (the wind in your hair and the sound of busy bees)

That’s not a road down low. It’s the moraine-like White River as it makes its way down from its headwaters on Mt. Rainier. In this picture I’m standing on Crystal Peak, due east of Mt. Rainier. Crystal Peak is a very steep but easy hiking summit (8 miles roundtrip, 3100 feet elevation gain). When I visited, the flowers weren’t exactly bursting all over the place but they were awfully pretty. It was a breezy day up high and one moment I’d be basking in the sunshine- the next I’d be thanking the clouds for a little shade. I guess maybe this is kind of a weird picture since the background just beyond is in the sun. I like pictures like this, though. Because I like days like this!

Adam was practicing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, tonight! I know he’s five years old, but lately I’ve been struck by this strange feeling that he was a baby just last year so it’s crazy to me when he’s doing things like playing the piano or learning how to read. It’s partly due, I believe, to how strikingly similar Oliver Fern looks compared to Adam when he was a baby. It seems like every single day at some point, I have a weird deja vu moment: I mix up memories of when Adam was a baby, with Oliver. So at any rate, last year Adam was a baby…….tonight he was playing Ode to Joy on the piano.

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