foursquare on 14th Avenue East

While I was dropping Adam off at school this morning, this big foursquare around the corner caught my eye. It pains me to see Seattle’s limited stock of old houses in the central core of the city disappear and it’s happening with increasing regularity on Capitol Hill. This one is slated to be demolished and replaced by low-rise residential development (a newer building next door is currently offering a two-bedroom townhouse-style unit with private garage for $489,000). This address is part of the Madison and Pike/Pine/12th Avenue area. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the blizzard of redevelopment on Capitol Hill. I’ve always considered us Capitol Hill/Madison Valley Tweeners, quite happy to claim dual citizenship. But lately, I’ve been feeling like I got my head dunked in a bucket of cold water- we’re definitely not part of the new Capitol Hill that seems to be coming into existence. I’m sorta glad we’re tucked away in the hinterlands……

One of my dreams has always been to take a big house like this and open a small bookstore on the main floor while we live on top. Time has probably run out to do it anyplace around Capitol Hill and i can’t see us ever moving someplace else in the city because we’ve gotten so spoiled having the Arboretum nearby.

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