Batman and Green Lantern head to Metropolis after a close call……

Tonight, Adam and I nearly finished the book we’ve been reading for several days about Louis Braille. But for dessert, right before bedtime we started Justice League: Volume 1 Origin, DC Comics (we got it at the Emerald City Comicon). Man, it’s hard reading comics with the herky-jerky-sparse thought bubbles, to a kid. Depending on my frame of mind, I’m pretty good at keeping the flow and action alive through auxiliary-explanatory narrative and fortunately tonight was one of those nights. Adam and I have a system where I point to the character who’s talking. I cringed a little when Batman cursed because Grandma was sitting across from us sewing, but she isn’t a prude and I don’t make a big deal out of things so I decided against ad libbing (it was only damn). Justice League is pretty good so far! It came highly recommended.

Ironically, it was Louis Braille I chose to paraphrase. Braille was so obsessed with seeing his alphabet of dots come to fruition and exhausted by the endeavor, he confided in a friend at his school in Paris that he thought he could kill himself if he didn’t succeed. Adam has been riveted by the story of Braille, I think even Grandma has enjoyed listening in while she stitches. Speaking of Grandma, she’s here until Friday, when she leaves to go back to Michigan for a couple weeks. I think she wishes she could stick around in Seattle a little longer- Grandpa sent us a video of the six inches of new snow that was coming down, haha!

Today was day one in earnest, of the evergreen clematis trellis project for the front of the house! I transplanted the dwarf pampas grass away from the house to the sidewalk. I’m not enamored of the pampas grass anymore, but we desperately need more robust perennials in the planting bed that fronts the sidewalk. Everything down there looks spectacular in the summertime, but in wintertime we have too many plants that go dormant and the result is the retaining wall below our yard is depressingly bare. The pampas grass won’t stay there permanently, I don’t think. I was surprised how easy it was to move- relatively shallow roots. My hands got irritated pretty bad, despite the fact I was wearing long sleeves and rubber gloves. Grandma said I should get a pair of leather gardening gloves. Probably should’ve been wearing safety glasses when I moved that dang thing……

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