snuggly oliver fern kangaroo-baby and gramma awash in pink on the front porch on a cold (trust me, it’s cold) March morning in seattle

I got back to the house one morning this week after dropping Adam off at preschool and Gramma and Oliver Fern were snuggled together on the porch waiting for me, I thought they looked adorable. Yes, I thought Gramma was a little crazy exposing my baby to the elements- it was windy and cold as heck. She and I have frequent tussles over whether or not Oliver Fern should wear his snowsuit on walks. People in the midwest think it’s t-shirt weather if it’s 43 degrees outside so I feel like I’m hitting my head against a brick wall when I get into a debate with my mom about layering.

Oliver Fern and I dropped Gramma off at the airport at one o’clock this afternoon for her 2:44 PM flight aboard a Frontier Airlines jet. I think she may have clandestinely smuggled a 40 pound heart-shaped rock home, her suitcase was suspiciously very heavy- it nearly tore my arm off when I heaved it to the curb (this week Adam and I were working on a new cobble path in the backyard and Gramma protested our use of a vaguely heart-shaped rock, she threatened to take it back to Michigan with her…..hence my suspicion). Unfortunately, her flight out of Seattle turned out to be delayed due to bad weather elsewhere and so she missed a connecting flight along the way home and thus is spending the night in Denver, Colorado. Poor Gramma, ugh.

This afternoon, Oliver and I walked up the Hill and picked big brother up from school for a scooter ride home. En route to home, we stopped at On 15th Video so I could trade Star Trek The Next Generation Season 1 Volume 1 for The Hobbit. Adam rode impressively to the house despite wearing his rain boots. In the distance to the east, the Cascades were stunning in their fresh snowy mantle. It’s Spring in the city, but there is a winter wonderland even in the foothills.

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