frosty driftwood at Point of the Arches

This scene is from a hike Adam and I did at Shi Shi Beach earlier this winter. Yesterday, I forgot to mention…… it snowed in the morning. Albeit, the fat and fluffy flakes did not stick. However, the flakes are sticking in Colorado. And Gramma is still stranded there. Poor Gramma! Fortunately, because the airline forgot to tell a pilot he had to come into work, she is getting a $200 voucher and some free food with her motel stay. She even got free phone calls, and we spoke earlier this evening. I told her to come clean- and yes, she DID smuggle that heart-shaped rock onto the plane! I was right!!!!!

My goal is to hike at the coast at least twice before summer. One of my trips will be an overnighter to Toleak (which I’ve never been to). The other will be a walk to either Point of the Arches again, or Cape Alava……

I like the new font on my site, but are you noticing the weird gap between the letters F and L? A funny little quirk, I think I like it.

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