goodbye Manhattan. Hello smelly guy with baby bjorn…..

The house across the street from us finally sold last month- a fiftysomething couple from New York City (Manhattan) bought it. Talk about a dramatic change of scenery for them- they must feel like they’re in suburbia. We met them out on the sidewalk tonight when Diana and I were coming back to the house after a walk with the boys. The woman is interesting, she’s attractively girlish with a bouncy step in her chuck taylors and black jeans. I wonder if she ran an art gallery or was the editor of an underground zine? While we were talking to them I felt so tired and saggy in my baby bjorn over my rumpled flannel shirt that stunk like b.o.

This is a picture of the house in question, from a few years ago……when it looked a lot better, in my opinion. The crew that remodeled the place was such a haggard-looking motley bunch, we called them “EX-CONstruction“.  One beefy, perennially sun-burned guy had a Nike tattoo on the side of his lower leg. The foreman forgot his dentures at home every other day. They got shut down by the city in the middle of the project, for not having a permit.

I was supposed to meet Adam and Diana at Adam’s school at the end of the day- his preschool was having an open house for parents. Oliver and I never left the house. He pooped while sitting in the exer-saucer and I took too long to take him out of the seat- hellishness ensued. The exer-saucer is sitting out on the back porch tonight….

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