palms of gaslight

Believe it or not, this is a bed and breakfast in Seattle next to Adam’s preschool……not a humongous 7 room “bungalow” in Pasadena. What did they do special to get these to reach such amazing maturity this far north? Surely these must be a few of the most impressive specimens in all the city. There’s a matching palm on the other side of the yard.

It was a rough morning, Adam was the Pokey Little Puppy and then Oliver Fern crapped in dramatic fashion as we were to head out the door, erasing at least ten minutes worth of wrestling to get his shoes and clothes on. It was such a bad poop and Oliver was squirming around on the changing table like an armadillo with rabies, that I started sweating like crazy while I was changing him and my hearing aid shorted out.

After we dropped Adam off at school, Oliver and I took a sanity-restoring fresh air walk around that part of Capitol Hill. It was exactly what I needed. I had my camera and the backpack carrier with me- and so it was good to do some shutterbugging.

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