oliver fern and i visit the japanese garden in the morning while later in the day- adam and i peruse the offerings at the red door antique mall in mount vernon

Oliver Fern and I walked down to the Japanese Garden this morning.  It was a pleasant and surprisingly meditative visit , he was quietly fascinated by the lone duck that seemed to inhabit the pond on this morning. After lunchtime, Adam and I headed north to the fertile Skagit Valley in search of farm stores. We got sidetracked by the Red Door Antique Mall. Our real reason for stopping there was to ask directions to Skagit Farmers’ Supply but it turns out the Red Door is a pretty nice place for antiquing, including good toys (a great selection of retro Fisher Price Little People accessories). I passed on a Starbuck (Battlestar Galactica) 3.5″ action figure from the 1970s, I regret it now. I didn’t check to see if it was made by Generals Mills or Kenner. The boy or girl that owned Starbuck in the 70s wrote their name (illegible) on the bottom of Starbuck’s feet. On the other hand, I found a Viewmaster for Adam along with a collection of “incredible stereo pictures from the early 1960s….

Sorry to disappoint you, but this is not a picture from the Japanese Garden this morning (though it’s by me)! To be honest, the Japanese Garden is a little on the drab side right now. If you have spring fever I think it’d be better to wait another few weeks before you go. Of course, it’s lovely in all seasons. It really depends on your frame of mind, I don’t mean to make myself sound like a shallow blossom-chaser.

Tonight, Oliver Fern and I walked up to the video store on 15th for the first few episodes of the second season of Game of Thrones. I’ve been on the waiting list. The walk home in the evening breeze and cherry blossoms was invigorating. When we got back to the house, a humongous long moving truck was parked across the street. It was an impressive feat of engineering to get the tractor trailer down our street, I don’t know how they did it. When Oliver and I’d left the house earlier, the moving truck driver and his assistant were walking the hill- pensively strategizing how to shoehorn the big rig through parked cars and tight corners. I’m sure they’re very experienced with these types of situations, but at the time they seemed weirdly dazed. And so I got excited maybe we’d have a real fiasco on our hands. Like someone’s car was going to get flattened like a pancake by the moving truck. Preferably not ours.

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