madness at the quad

This warm, sunny morning we took Oliver and Adam to “the Quad”, a verdant crossroads-of-walking-paths surrounded by the neo-gothic architecture of the University of Washington campus. The enormous courtyard explodes like a South Pole blizzard, except with Yoshino cherry blossoms and not snow. Indeed, the blossoms are beautiful but I find it entertaining primarily for the fascinatingly obnoxious crowds. This year did not disappoint- An old Japanese guy with a Nikon D3 who defied Scando-Asian protocol for primness, bossed me around ten different ways until I was standing in just the right spot for his photo-opp. He was proud of himself when he was done and showed me the final image in the LCD display of his camera……and I looked horrible. It’s for a good cause, though! Somewhere on the web there’s a really bad picture of me carrying Oliver Fern in the backpack carrier and the backlit blossoms look incredible…….

I didn’t get the chance I was hoping for to take a proper picture of Adam zipping around on his scooter because he and Diana ran into a family from his preschool and so they visited for quite a while. So Oliver Fern and I roved around taking in the funniness. Despite the hoards, the Quad probably really is one of the best places in the city to appreciate these trees. We’re lucky that right around our neighborhood, there are a few streets nearly almost as impressive. Most of the pictures I shot were taken handheld with my Nikkor 70-200. I got a lot of great ones with the crowds, the compression of the telephoto made the Quad seem even more mobbed. As bad as it may sound I thought I’d try a b/w of the Yoshinos, hence the view above. By the way, apparently from above (airplane or helicoper) the Yoshinos make the letter “W”…….

One thought on “madness at the quad

  1. Your comment about photos of Adam zipping around the Quad on his scooter reminded me of you taking photos of him doing the same on your trip here last fall. How did those pictures come out (or did they at all)?

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