what happens in vegas stays there, which isn’t really as titillating as you might imagine when there is a breast pump machine involved

It has been frustrating to be such a streaky blogger the past couple weeks. I’ve been anxious to post but there’ve been a number of distractions: Chief among them recently was the arrival of Grandpa last weekend, it was his first time visiting Seattle in over ten years. It was a wonderful thing having him around for a few days. He, Adam and I went for walks in the Arboretum, rode the bus to the Space Needle and on his last day in town saw a huge NOAA research vessel come through the Ballard Locks. Generally, we mostly took it easy around the house. Adam delighted in quite eventful breakfasts with Grandpa, featuring large quantities of eggs prepared in a variety of ways. Ah yes, the hearty breakfasters of the heartland! I must have washed our frying pan 50 times in three days, which was a little like adding insult-to-injury since I eat exactly two bananas every morning for my breakfast (no fuss, no muss). At any rate, Adam also enjoyed watching Return of the Jedi for the first time with Grandpa. I forgot how bad the Ewok victory celebration song is.

The matter of Sprangle has apparently faded with the passage of time. Just one instance do I recall in which Adam reminded me he’d be changing the name on his cubby at preschool. Sprangle had a hard day at school, the teachers came down hard on him and another friend for dissembling a drawer (you have to admire their ingenuity) from the dress-up room and hiding the parts in their cubbies. They weren’t allowed to play with each other for the rest of the day. Adam initially lied to me about hiding some of the parts in his cubby and even though he quickly backtracked, I exercised my supreme authority and put the kibosh on any screen time for this weekend (Grandma may be miffed at me because she and Adam were going to watch Mary Poppins). We talked more tonight about not taking things that don’t belong to us. I think I have to work a little on my delivery- Adam told me the next time he stole something he’d ask for permission. Moving on: Oliver Fern has had a runny nose for nine days so I took him to the doctor on Wednesday as a precautionary measure: He’d been tugging at his left ear and I wanted to rule out an infection. His ears are fine, said the doctor. He had horrible gas tonight, though, probably as a result of drinking only formula the past few days instead of breast milk. I gave him gas drops at bedtime and a moment later he let out a rip-roaring fart.

The boys’ mama has been in Las Vegas this week for business and arrives home, late tonight. Grandma is staying with us this month and has been a big help this week, although she and I have been tug-of-warring over the usual minor domestic things, like her making coffee so strong I feel like doing 1,000 jumping jacks after one sip. In exchange for my extra freedom, I try my best to look the other way. But it’s so hard, sometimes.

Lately, I’ve been using a lot of my free time to chip away at what feels like tiny rockflakes from the face of El Capitan- I’m in the process of migrating seven years worth of stories and pictures (and videos) from my old Flickr site to a different place on the web where I’m sharing images en masse, mostly for the sake of family and a few close friends. It’s not really as vain an endeavor as it sounds: My principal reason for wanting to archive is the built-in diary of Adam’s early years. I’ve had an account on Flickr since before it was bought by Yahoo. However, a couple years ago it suddenly grew staler than a moldy slice of white bread. I hung on to follow the work of a few friends while i simultaneously dabbled with WordPress, but I finally had enough this winter.  I’m anxious to close my account and be Yahoo-free, though I’d still endorse Flickr to anyone unfamiliar with the world of photo-sharing social media.

When Adam was Oliver Fern’s age, he and I tagged along with his mama on a business trip to Las Vegas. We did some adventurous exploring on both the famous glittering Las Vegas Strip…. and in the mountains west of the city. This picture is an early morning exposure from the top of Turtlehead Peak (a 2,000 foot climb) in Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area. Those are the Spring Mountains in the distance. I suppose the highlights in the snow are perilously close to being blown out- white in Red Rock is more brilliantly bright than you can imagine. I’ll keep my thick moss and slimy fat slugs (better than rattlesnakes) thank you very much but I did find the desert here to be an utterly fascinating place to meander and shoot. Oliver and I could have tagged along to Sin City this week for our own G-rated brand of debauchery if we’d really wanted to but I didn’t really want to. At the time I didn’t really want to but now I wish we’d gone. It’s cold and very rainy in Seattle, today. But it keeps things green, blah blah blah……

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