stegosaurus butte

This was an old logging choker cable exposed along the path, up Stegosaurus Butte. Adam put his hand down by the cable for the sake of scale. There was other evidence of past logging, as well. There was lots of railroad logging in this area starting in the 1920s (the North Bend Timber Company). We saw an enormous fir stump with the telltale divots from the springboards loggers stood on.

This is the Mt. Garfield side of Stegosaurus Butte. You’re looking toward the edge of a stunning forested cliff……there’s a lot of air below. I liked this portrait of Adam because it reminded me of the photography in the old Harvey Manning guidebooks that showed families or children in the mountains, the children doing things like picking blueberries or helping to fire up a camp stove. Adam is noting the flavor of the Skittle in his hand, haha!

Adam was fascinated by the handiwork of trail samaritans on Stegosaurus Butte. I always notice the little things like this, it’s fun to hike with someone who likes to stop and admire a good notch in a log across the trail or a giant mushroom.

log step

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