the Skittles dilemma

Tonight I was getting Adam’s things ready for a hike we’re doing tomorrow morning, a mellow forest-and-river walk in the Cascades. I put a bag of Skittles by his backpack at the foot of the stairs as a surprise. Then it dawned on me: He probably can’t eat’em with his sore missing front tooth-gap! But I dunno, he still has working back molars. I’m making it sound like I load him up with sugar all the time, but I don’t. You see, I got two bags of Skittles for him to make up for the Great Skittle Debacle on Eagle Creek…….there, he dropped a whole bag (his first Skittles ever) on the muddy trail after insisting he could hold it himself without spilling the dang thing. We were both sad little men as our trail treat poured out of the bag like marbles in slow motion. To add insult to injury, I made him pick them all up because I didn’t want to make the trail look like a garbage dump. As he handed me handful after handful of muddy Skittles, I chucked them down the canyon into Loowit Falls. I felt a little guilty about doing that. If you’re hiking up Eagle Creek and you cross paths with a jittery chipmunk you’ll know why…….

I really don’t know if this portrait of Adam sitting in a patch of salal on Stegosaurus Butte works well as a black-white image, but something about it appeals to me. I like b/w images with silvery, bright values in them (though I’m not saying this picture is a good example of that). He can be such a rascal when I’m trying to take a picture in his direction, he’s a handsome little boy but he always somehow manages to screw his face up into some sort of chimpanzee pose. Well, here he has his squirrel-like cheek pouches full of Skittles. That’s mighty Mt. Garfield in the background.

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