the new pratt river trail and a bridge over rainy creek

Today, Adam and I hiked the brand-new section of the Pratt River Trail (No 1035) all the way to the old Pratt River Trail. This is a place in the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle. It’s a little over an hour’s drive from our house, mostly because of a bumpy and potholed dirt road.

For our walk we covered a smidgen over seven miles, I was surprised how spry Adam was on this one. I did get a little worried on the way back that he was going to bonk but those fears were erased with chunks of cheese and chocolate cookies. I didn’t mean for us to hike so far, it just happened. For our next hike together I’ll make sure to pick something short and sweet- I don’t want him to think every hike is going to be an endurance test.  I was delighted by this segment of the Pratt River Trail. I found it to be an interesting route, with nice filtered views of the local mountains that surpassed my expectations. And the moss! The moss proving once again if there are more than five clouds in Seattle, it’s raining on the Middle Fork Snoqualmie (remember the big waterfall in Twin Peaks? the MFK Snoqualmie is one of the rivers that supplies it). I may bring Oliver Fern back later this week for a short jaunt down the path, that’s how much I liked it. There’s still quite a bit of work being done on the trail- there’s an industrious mess of survey stakes and flagging-with-notes practically the entire way.

We got quite wet at times but on the bright side, the rain kept everyone else away. We didn’t see another soul on the trail all day, not even a Great Horned Owl. And furthermore, there were periodic dry spells and patches of blue sky. I’m never particularly thrilled by the idea of hiking in the rain but once I’m out in it on a forest or rive hike I can smile happily. It’s just that I like to shoot (photography) so much, I’d prefer to not stand in a downpour.  I hadn’t used my ND filters in a long time, it was fun to do a little shutterbugging around the Rainy Creek Bridge. This was on our way back to the trailhead. I’m going to come back here on my own for the express purpose of more experimentation. The creek was roaring with all the rain (and melting snow high above). I was excited to find out tonight that there’s a fisherman’s path just beyond the bridge that leads to Rainy Lake above.  At any rate, Adam was patient for me at the Rainy Creek bridge but I hurried because his feet were soaked after crossing a waterfall over the trail not far from here. One of his favorite parts of the hike was all the……mud. After a while I simply let him tromp through the boggiest mud pits and pools of water, to his heart’s content- with the proviso he should save his messiest walking for the way back lest he get damp feet early in the hike. His bog-stomping got a little ridiculous, but I took the long view……… he hiked seven miles and was happy the entire time.

On the way home via the Middle Fork road, the inner redneck in me came out and I delighted Adam by driving through as many mud holes as possible. The MFK road is really not that bad, now.

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