crossing water on the pratt river trail

There was a lot of water on (and under) the Pratt River Trail on Sunday. In my opinion that makes this time of year the most interesting season to journey along this route. Or it may be my perspective is biased from hiking with a five year old. For me, this creek is not a big deal (or a small deal)- it’s a matter of how dry I keep my feet. I’ve done the butt scoot over logs in the North Cascades. But for Adam? High adventure! Danger! Contemplation and suspense!

He did a good job. I stressed to him always testing the slipperiness of rocks before using them as steppingstones. Even the grippiest-looking granite can have a clear layer of stream-frogslime on it.

Along the entire new section of Pratt River Trail, you’re hiking a roughly north-south line. To the west, more or less, is usually the MFK (Middle Fork) Snoqualmie River (the irony about hiking the new section of the Pratt River Trail is most casual walkers probably will never reach the actual Pratt River). In a lot of places from the trail, you’re looking down on the looping MFK Snoqualmie from forested bluffs set back a ways into the woods. Farther south, the trail eventually leaves the river. Quite frequently, you’ll spot traces of the old footpath walkers used before the official trail was built.

On the other, uphill eastern side- you’re more or less walled in by steep forest with views above to rugged cliffs and impossibly perched trees until you reach the Pratt River Valley. I’ve read various recent accounts of the new Pratt River Trail as not offering great views, but I completely disagree. Taken on its own terms, there are some dramatic views along the route along with some pleasant surprises through the woods.

And speaking of trees, there are a lot of very mossy ones…….

2 thoughts on “crossing water on the pratt river trail

  1. Pete, I know. You’re right. I had a lot of fun hiking with him when he was younger and I carried him, but now that he’s covering ground under his own power it’s like opening a door to a completely new experience. Thanks for visiting, I’ve been wondering how you were doing.

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