mrs. frisby and the rats of NIMH

You may never look at rats the same after reading Robert O’Brien’s classic Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. Adam and I found this tale at Powell’s City of Books during his spring break, when we stopped in Portland on our way home from the Columbia River Gorge. We finished the story today after a heavy push the past few nights, we were so full of suspense that last night I let Adam stay up until 9:00 (the equivalent of 1 AM for me) so we could get through several chapters. He loved this book, although I have to admit the end was a little sad and anticlimactic compared to the previous chapters. But maybe it’s good he learn the hero doesn’t always parachute down from the sky and dive through a hoop of fiery flames.

It’s about time I update the pitifully maintained Tyrannosaurus Fir Reading List. Adam and I’ve been reading lots of classics and I intend to get them into the rankings sooner or later. Right now, I’m going to slot Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH at #3. It’s excellent, the story does have some dark thematic elements- there’s some serious business here. It’ll eventually fall down the peg as other recent stories we’ve read are added, but because of it’s substantive themes Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH will always stay in the upper quarter (or so I should think).

  1. Stickeen: John Muir and the Brave Little Dog, Donnell Rubay and Christopher Canyon
  2. Fly High, Fly Low, Don Freeman
  3. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, Robert O’Brien
  4. Small Pig, Arnold Lobel
  5. Christopher for President, Addie

For Mother’s Day, I stayed at the house with Oliver Fern so Diana and Adam could go out for breakfast.

2 thoughts on “mrs. frisby and the rats of NIMH

  1. The Secret of NIMH was my absolute favorite movie when I was a kid, I must have watched it a thousand times! Happy Mother’s Day to Diana.

    • Thanks for mentioning the Secret of NIMH, I had been wondering if there was a quality film adaptation of the book. Although I was extremely disappointed to find out Mrs. Frisby’s name had to be changed in the movie, to Mrs. BRISBY! Because the makers of the Frisbee were getting their underwear in a bunch about supposed trademark infringement. Gah! How will I explain that to Adam? Plus, there appears to be some other major changes to the story.

      Still, the movie was apparently well received at the time.

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