is this art yet?

Sometime last month Adam and I were on a walk through the University District and we happened by the now-defunct TUBS hot tub business on Roosevelt that was literally turned into a painting the past few years. Apparently, TUBS was the kind of place where you really worried about what the people before you might have been doing in the hot tub. If you get my drift. But isn’t that a concern about all hot tub places? People don’t take their families hot-tubbing at hot tub places, do they? A local artist collective, Free Sheep Foundation, got permission from the property owner to transform the vacant building into a public art installation (the place closed down the year Adam was born). The whole building, inside and out, is literally plastered with graffiti. It’s visually quite arresting, although I can sympathize with some of the nearby business owners who’ve been unhappy about it. Because along with the incredible sanctioned work, garden variety tagging sprouted up over time. I don’t think you can judge the project by my pictures, it’s not what it used to be. Tear-down is imminent. Soon it’ll be replaced by an apartment building.  Already there’s a new chain-link fence around it, which inhibits some of the better photo-opportunities I used to imagine.

At any rate, the morning Adam and I happened by was super drab with blah-white overcast skies.  The University District isn’t really a place I particularly enjoy spending a lot of time in, so I knew it was my one and only chance to shoot here. It was like a biohazard zone with all the empty spray paint cans and broken bottles.

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