hug buzzers and the wallingford beast

It was a pleasant Monday with the boys and I rewarded Adam for being such a great big brother, with a trip to Archie McPhee in Wallingford. He got the idea to go there yesterday when we were en route to Swanson’s Nursery and just couldn’t put it out of his mind. He reminded me about Archie McPhee every 15 minutes the past 24 hours.  He picked out a practical joke kit that included things like a joy buzzer, whoopee cushion, snap gum and fake spilled ketchup. We nicknamed the joy buzzer a “hug buzzer”, since there was no way he’d ever trick Diana with a fake handshake. So when she got home tonight and he went to give her a big hug as usual, she was genuinely startled by the buzzer. Adam was thrilled, haha! But the whoopee cushion is already getting a little old.

Best of all, we saw the infamous Wallingford Beast. Aye! Adam is very proud of his Wallingford Beast t-shirt and excited to wear it to school tomorrow.

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