a pocketful of passage

Tonight, Adam and I finished A Pocketful of Passage by Loraine Campbell. My friend Amanda, a librarian at the University of Michigan, stayed with us a few weeks ago while she was in Seattle for a library conference. She gave this book to Adam. She’d recently traveled the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and found A Pocketful of Passage at a bookstore in Munising (I think it was Munising). It’s a real-life story about a girl who spent time with her family on Passage Island (her father was one of the lighthouse keepers)- Passage Island is now part of Isle Royale National Park. It’s named for the three mile passage between it and Isle Royale.

I’m really pleased and grateful Amanda got this book for us because it has sparked what has previously been a sincere but mostly passing interest I’ve had over the years in backpacking Isle Royale  (the Greenstone Ridge trail, in particular) someday, into a real short-term goal of mine. And the best part now is that my plans indubitably will include Adam, he loved this story and is super-excited to go to Isle Royale and Passage Island someday. How could we not after reading this good story, together? I think perhaps before we do the big backpack (40 plus miles), as a separate trip I’d like us to visit Passage Island. Or I dunno, maybe we’d do that and Greenstone Ridge at the same time.

Tyrannosaurus Fir Reading List:

  1. Stickeen: John Muir and the Brave Little Dog, Donnell Rubay and Christopher Canyon
  2. Fly High, Fly Low, Don Freeman
  3. Ginger Pye, Eleanor Estes
  4. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, Robert O’Brien
  5. A Pocketful of Passage, Loraine Campbell
  6. Louis Braille: the boy who invented books for the blind, Margaret Davidson
  7. Hydro’s Adventure Through the Water Cycle, Randi and Michael Goodrich
  8. Small Pig, Arnold Lobel
  9. Down to the Sea: The Story of a Little Salmon and His Neighborhood, Jay Nicholas
  10. Christopher for President, Addie

Here’s a portion of the Isle Royale NPS map in case you’re curious about Passage Island. That’s it on the eastern tip of Isle Royale.

Well, big news! Adam rode his bike without training wheels today! First, at Powell Barnett Park in the afternoon. And then again tonight at Montlake Park (there’s a dirt running track I thought would be perfect since it’s flat and quiet). He could have been riding without training wheels a long, long time ago but he went through a long dry spell of not riding his bike, attributable in part to his love of the scooter. And spontaneous bike riding is simply a big challenge in our neighborhood because we live on one of the steepest streets in the city (the official steepest street is only a few blocks away, as a matter of fact). I wanted to make sure we got him off training wheels this summer but I was a little nervous his learning curve might be steeper than some other pipsqueaks I’ve seen on bikes because he has a super-heavy steel monstrosity. Adam is a big kid and the teeny-tiny bikes you see a lot of children riding weren’t really an option for him. My fears were unfounded, I think the fact he zips around effortlessly on his scooter carried over to bike riding……

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