more pictures from hibox

The hike up Hibox is already starting to feel like a distant memory but despite other events since then and because my last post about the hike (Bacon Grease Lake?) seems so goofy now, I feel like sharing a little bit more scenery from that Saturday. This picture is right below Hibox’s summit ridge, looking SW toward Mt. Rainier and Rachel Lake. I’d forgotten how wonderful views of Mt. Rainier from Snoqualmie Pass area high-points, can be. As you can see below, the valley (Box Canyon) dead-ends into a headwall beneath Rachel Lake. It looks gradual here, but the hike up to the lake from the valley floor is steep. That’s where most of the elevation gain for the lake hike, is. It has the effect of making the overall hike seem a little easier, I think.

Here’s a view straight down to the floor of Box Canyon. For the scramble to Hibox having been so steep and strenuous, it really struck me how close the valley floor looked from up so high.

And this is another north-facing perspective, I took pictures like this while I was eating lunch in the shade of Cardboardbox, haha! I really, really wanted to get out onto that bare hill you see but some lingering steep snow made it way too dangerous.

This is another version of a previous picture I shared, I thought it looked better with a wider perspective.

And finally, one of the Park Lakes. There’s a pretty waterfall above the lake, see the string of white? I looked really hard but didn’t see any tents camped around the lake.

Tonight, I took the boys to Seward Park so Adam could practice more on his bike (sans training wheels). He rode the entire 2.3 miles around Bailey Peninsula! Undoubtedly, the training wheels are ancient history.  Luckily, the lake wasn’t too busy with other pedestrians and bikers. Oh, there were the usual boneheaded adults walking three abreast on the wrong side of the path yet refusing to give up any ground to wobbly 5.5 year old bike riders……. dweebs. At any rate, starting out Adam had a tough time launching himself. Lots of false starts. I didn’t give him any help, I really wanted him to figure out how to get going on his own after last night’s success. He was on the verge of tears after some wobbly pedaling got him nowhere, but he finally got into a good groove. And the rest of the way, he was smooth as silk. In fact, half the time he left us in his dust. He would only stop if there was a cute chihuahua to meet and greet. It seemed like there were a lot of chihuahuas at the park last night.

2 thoughts on “more pictures from hibox

  1. Awesome bike riding! My son just mastered (mostly) the pedaling thang but hasn’t grasp the concept of using the bike ‘brakes’. Still just puts his feet down. Burning through lots of shoes this summer


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