last night in seward park…..

I was huffing and puffing to keep up with Adam so photo opportunities were severely curtailed, hahaha! For the first time ever, we went around Bailey Peninsula in a clockwise direction. I thought this was wise in order to keep the sun out of Adam’s eyes and thus prevent crashes into people or inanimate objects.

His bike seat is too low right now but we put it there to make starting and stopping seem less scary. Secretly over time, I’ll raise the seat in tiny increments. I realize this picture is disappointing, I promise to sometime soon get a much better one (at least not only of his backside) to commemorate this milestone. I’ve always had trouble shooting at Seward Park, for some reason. It’s a scenically gorgeous park, but the wide-open space of Lake Washington right off the path is not super-photogenic on a cloudless blue sky day. I much prefer shooting there when I’m in the woods.

Adam and I were giggling like crazy at the end of our walk when we discovered Oliver Fern was still holding his Mum-Mum (a crispy baby snack that looks like a mouse-sized surfboard) fully intact. This was funny and astounding to us because Mum-Mums drive me crazy- they never seem to come out of their foil packaging in an unbroken state. Indeed, we are easily amused!

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