(rondo) alla turca: allegreto from piano sonata no. 11

The boys and I spent the afternoon on the beach at Alki, the weather is quite pleasant but warm this week in Seattle with temperatures in the low to mid 80s. My hands were full with Oliver Fern but my spirits were extraordinarily lifted because he didn’t eat sand today- they grow up fast.

Before we left for Alki, I nearly came to tears while I was changing Oliver’s diaper. In the next room, Adam began playing a simple but beautiful song on the piano (Oliver smiled and waved his arms in conductor-boogie fashion).  I furtively glanced around the doorway to the livingroom and spied him sitting at the piano in his bathing suit. He may not be a piano prodigy but I was filled with awe and respect. On the way home from Alki I played a song (technically-speaking, part of a song) by Mozart, the famous Turkish Rondo, that I listened to over and over on my way home yesterday from the Olympics and Adam wondered if he might play it someday.

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