adam and I got yelled at by a lifeguard at colman pool

……but we weren’t exactly in trouble, trouble. Adam picked up a couple boogie board-like floaties that apparently can only be used by lap swimmers. And since we were only on the family swim side, that was a taboo the lifeguard deemed megaphone-worthy right in the middle of our jousting dunk game.

The pool was busy but not crazily so. I gave us extra time in the water past my shivering point, Colman is an outdoor pool on the shore (literally) of Puget Sound and the evening sun was turning gold on the water but the marine air was brisk. Adam was having loads of fun and then a group of tattooed girls in bikinis showed up and kept flirting with us while they pretended to be synchronized swimmers so it wasn’t that demanding hanging out in the water a little longer. This is Adam looking longingly at the pool as we’re leaving, he probably could have swam for five more hours.

At any rate, we shortcutted up the bluff and worked off our chill. I drove home via Beacon Hill and the Central Area. Oliver Fern was already asleep when we got to the house.

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