purple mount baker bungalow

Adam and I were lolly-gagging through the Mt. Baker neighborhood a couple weeks ago (after watching the hydroplane races) and we passed by this bungalow, which is next door to where a close friend of Diana’s used to live. He died 6 years ago very suddenly and left a young family behind, so I feel extreme sadness whenever I come down this street but I’m also reminded of how preciously short our time is and it’s a jolting reminder to me to really love my children until my heart is wrung dry and enjoy to the fullest each day I get with them. It can be a challenge sometimes, like this morning because Diana left the house early for a meeting in Tacoma and I had to hurry around with the boys to get Adam to preschool in time for a field trip and then Oliver pooped so bad (it was one of those these-days rare poops where it oozes up the diaper and gets all over his dinger and jewels…..not easy clean-up) I had to bathe him in the kitchen sink. I’ve gotta start drinking a couple cups of coffee the minute I wake up so I can deal with these things with more humor. I was super-frustrated with Adam because he was moving extremely slow with no sense of urgency. I’ve been debating whether or not we should start waking him at a set, predetermined time every day in preparation for kindergarten. But my preference is to always let him sleep until he wakes up on his own. My philosophy is that if he is still sleeping- his young body clearly needs the rest for growing and repair.

At any rate, I’ve always adored this place, particularly for the use of river rock on the porch. We tried to duplicate this arts and crafts-style a long time ago on a wall in our front yard and it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it, we used rocks that were too large and irregular. It didn’t turn out badly, the stonemason did an impeccable job, but I’ve never been comfortable with the end result.  And I keep telling Diana that someday soon I’ll be scraping it clean and re-doing it myself. I have various practice projects before then- at the cabin we rented on Lake Michigan there was a bird bath in this style, and I’ve been making plans to build my own. I’ll share pictures of the model I’m working from.

Are these shrub-like trees, camellias? I think so.

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