a foray to the burg of bremerton

Adam and I visited Bremerton across the water this afternoon so we could drop off miscellaneous gear for my friend Lance to use on his upcoming seven day backpack.  Lance took us to Noah’s Ark for lunch……hands down, as-good-as or better than any burgers I’ve had in Seattle and honestly, I’m not just saying that. Better than Red Mill, better than Burgermaster or Kidd Valley. This winter, I’m going to ride the boat over to Bremerton on a couple dark, stormy days just so I can make the short trek to Noah’s Ark and put away 3 or 4 burgers. Make one of them the pizza burger. I was a little surprised at myself today- I couldn’t finish my basket of fries.

The ferry ride home this afternoon was packed with Bremerton Seahawk fans (along with an impressive contingent of Broncos jerseys) for the exhibition game tonight. I count this as a hair-raising Seattle escapade since off the boat in downtown, it seemed like at every intersection there was a red-faced drunk guy in a Marshawn Lynch jersey trying to cross the street against traffic while his friends bemusedly huddled on the sidewalk, too embarrassed (and smart) to join him.

One thought on “a foray to the burg of bremerton

  1. Do you like garlic? If so, you should try the Grant’s Garlic Sesame Seed Chicken sandwich next time you visit Noah’s. Yum! Glad you had a nice visit with Lance. It’s very kind of you to lend him some gear for the upcoming trip.

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