fixer-upper eclectic craftsman and a gratuitous display of floppery

Adam has only one more day of preschool left. Hooray! Tonight after dinner, he and I went for a walk up to Stevens so he could ride his bike around with a handful of fellow kindergarteners-to-be. On the way there, I noticed activity on one of my favorite craftsmans in the neighborhood above us. It’s on the other side of the proverbial tracks, which in this case is 23rd Avenue East (on the uphill side, is Capitol Hill……we’re below, so we live in the “valley”, Madison Valley). I always refer to it as “my” fixer-upper, but clearly this beautiful house requires only cosmetic touches. It’s a sturdy-looking place. But it’s painted (whitewashed) white, which is unfathomable to me. The dormer is draped with netting to deter pigeons and starlings. Unfortunately, the house is located on a fairly boring street by Capitol Hill standards……rich people don’t spend a lot of time in their yards. I always envision it someplace else, like maybe in Wallingford, with a view of Gas Works Park and Lake Union.

At the playground, a little girl rode her bike into Adam and fell down and wailed hysterically despite the fact she practically caught herself before she made contact with the ground. It was an utmost gratuitous display of floppery, trust me in that you would have found yourself disgusted by her emotional depravity. She went on and on until I was ready to scream “Enough Already you Little Twerp!” Gosh, am I a bad person? Several parents came running to the scene like overeager EMT trainees, however, and I felt very self-conscious like you feel when you know you haven’t done anything wrong but you realize everyone is looking at you. Finally, Adam started sobbing hysterically because the little girl just wouldn’t get a grip. Everything turned out okay, the little girl left and only the stouter children remained- but I’m still a little shaky thinking back to the whole affair. I’m a little more nervous for Adam, now. Kindergarten, here we go!

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