reach for the sky

Adam and I visited the Museum of Flight, this afternoon. This NASA image is of two famous chimpanzees, Enos and Ham, both of whom did something I never will in my lifetime- they visited space. Of course, fruit flies have also visited space….and I’m not terribly jealous of them. Late August is prime fruit fly season at our house. If you leave your wine uncovered for 10 seconds, you can pretty much pour it down the drain.  And watch out when you open the lid to the compost bin……..biblical swarms of fruit flies, keep your mouth closed. And I swear if you leave the lid open too long, half of them decide to head into our house.

I was taken aback by how busy the museum was, I’ve never seen it like that…’s a major summertime tourist attraction. We usually go on rainy winter days when the place is practically empty. However, Adam was excited to go this afternoon.

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