adam and i ride the Burke Gilman Trail to the Hiram Chittenden Locks

A few years ago, the City posted a temporary sign with a typo that was hilarious to me: Hiram Chittendale (it’s Chittenden) Locks, hahaha! Okay, I guess it’s not that funny.

Adam and I rode bikes from our front porch down the hill through Montlake to Husky Stadium, where we picked up the Burke Gilman Trail. We stopped twice: Once at Gas Works Park, for chocolate milk. And then again in Fremont to admire the Aurora Bridge from below. We ran into a headwind on the outskirts of Ballard that made the going a little tough, but the real challenge was the infamous missing link of the trail through Ballard which requires the cyclist to dodge broken glass and grocery cars and mothballed train cars. Adam had a bad spill in the dirt by Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel but he grinded out the rest of the ride to the Locks. He had a lot of fun, it was his first mega-long ride on his bike without training wheels.  Our original plan was to have dinner at the locks, but the Lockspot Cafe uses peanut oil, as does Red Mill across the street. Adam was crushed at first because he’d been looking forward to fish n’ chips, but he cheered up at home after we ordered pizza.

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