tired but happy at heather lake

Adam and I picnicked at Heather Lake (the one above Granite Falls) this afternoon. This is a popular, easy hike near Seattle but it was wonderfully quiet today! In fact, we had the lake all to ourselves for most of our stay. The lake’s setting below the walls of Mt. Pilchuck is utterly magnificent. We extended the hike by walking around the lake, for a total of 5.5 miles (1,400 feet of elevation gain all told).

I have a lot of really cute, far “better” pictures of Adam but I especially like this one tonight because it’s his tired-but-happy face. We’d just finished walking around the lake and he was practicing his rock climbing on this boulder before we headed down for the night. This was only supposed to be a quick jaunt but I guess time slowed down while we monkeyed around! Hiking with Adam is really wonderful- and it makes visiting places like Heather Lake, which in all honesty I would otherwise probably never go to, a lot of fun. At any rate, I got Adam a milkshake in Granite Falls and we didn’t get home until 8:30.

Adam surprised me today, he was strong on both the way up and the way down. I was a little nervous about him on the trail’s horrible-to-walk-on roots and rocks, but he showed great dexterity in his footwork. Even I almost fell on my face, once! I was touched by two parties of nice walkers on the way up who gave Adam a lot of encouragement, but I was also a little embarrassed- he was actually having an easy time of it. On the other hand, because of the mugginess, I was sweating like I was about to have a heart attack. The humidity this week has been horrendous! I love the rain but not the stickiness.

3 thoughts on “tired but happy at heather lake

  1. Oh, that’s a great picture. I am not a big hiker – I love to do it but too often don’t have the time, or run out of energy early on – but I did do this one, and what a nice one it is! I loved the trees on the way up, and of course the lake itself. So much to appreciate around here!

    • Thanks bluebrightly. Yes, it really is a nice little walk and so easy to reach from Seattle, where I live. I’m going to take my other little boy up there early this winter to get another perspective of it. I like the trail almost as much as the lake, a lot of people probably zip past the gargantuan cedar stumps with the springboard notches and never notice the old logger ghosts, which may be for the better…….

      • We did notice those notches, and were so puzzled. Then we did some research and learned a bit about logging. There were some glorious old cedars still left up there though. I have to say, I’m not yet used to seeing the big ones cut down – it just hurts.

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