the boys and boardman lake

Adam didn’t have class today because the Seattle School District was closed for U.S. Veteran’s Day so for the afternoon I took the boys to Boardman Lake up by Mt. Pilchuck. Boardman is more of a lazy walk than hike, I chose it exactly for that reason. I wasn’t up for a climb of, say, Mt. Rainier.

Adam was a little disappointed that we didn’t cross the lake’s outlet to explore some interesting-looking rocky shoreline and bluffs, but the usual logjam was a tad, shall we say, unstable? I didn’t want to take a chance with Oliver Fern in the backpack carrier. At Adam’s insistence we even still scrambled down through the brush to survey the logjam: I tapped the first big log with my boot and it jiggled ominously. Adam’s determined to return someday to explore what he thought looked like a little mineshaft across the water (you can see it in the picture above) but it wasn’t really a mine, someone just made it look that way. I did explain to him besides that entering abandoned mines is a bad idea if some of the adventures of Scooby-Doo and Shaggy are any indication.

Oliver lost his shoe shortly after we arrived at the lake, we didn’t find it until we were leaving, it’d gotten torn off in the brush on our reconnaissance down to the logjam. It’s just as well, because once we recovered the shoe and put it back on, he proceeded to delightedly stomp his way into breezy Boardman Lake. Ah, the infuriatingly inexplicable yet-all-too-predictable follies of toddlerdom! In return for a necessary short leash at the lake, I let him do a lot of walking back to the trailhead. He looked like a drunken wood sprite, giggling with sheer happiness all the way down: It made the day entirely worth it.  Adam pelted me with snowballs on the way back, there were a surprising number of patches left over from last month. From the trailhead on the way down the mountainside back to the main road, we passed a quarry-like pit with an amazing view in the opposite direction. I wanted to stop but there were about fifty kids and a handful of God-only-hopes responsible adults gathered around their monster trucks and they were shooting a wide assortment of jack-o-lanterns, for target practice. I’m guessing Granite Falls didn’t have a big turnout for the football team this year.

On the way home I made myself practically sick eating too many chocolate chip cookies. The only music we had in the car was the Beatles and it surprised me when Adam sang all the words to Day Tripper. Well, not that Day Tripper is all that complicated.

Adam was thrilled to find a butterknife at the lake……

One thought on “the boys and boardman lake

  1. The middle photo is really, really lovely. It’s just a great thing that you’re doing, taking the kids on these expeditions. The shoe incident reminded me of losing my lens cap on a recent “hike” when I more or less slid down a steep, short incline and it popped out of my back pocket. I didn’t realize it was gone til I was finished shooting an hour alter & we were on our way back. I doubled back a ways, didn’t see it, figured it wasn’t that big a deal since they’re easy to buy, and then, as I was literally clawing my way up that same incline, there it was wedged in a dark corner under a root I grabbed! But kids and shoes – toddlers & shoes I mean – it’s always a problem. But watching them discover this world, as you described, is one of the great pleasures of life. Glad you tested the logjam – Adam will just have one more thing to look forward to. I have to look up Boardman Lk because I’m always wanting to find good places to go that are an easy walk.

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