rotten pumpkin with a bad disposition

Tonight the pumpkins got pitched into the compost…….I had to use a shovel, they were so rotten and gooey. Really gooey. I went to lift the lid off one and the stem came off in my hand, which would have been comical had the stench newly emanating from that particular pumpkin not been so bad that even Oliver (in the backpack carrier) let out a whoop of disapproval.

This one was one of my favorites, every day he got exponentially more rotten and cranky. This year we carved five pumpkins, in all. We waited too late in the month to pick out our pumpkins and besides that we tried a different pumpkin patch, Oxbow Farm, than we usually go with. For now on I think we’ll just stick with Remlinger Farms…..other members of the household overruled me about going there this year because it’s such a pumpkin patch factory- but for the sake of photo-opps, that element actually makes it a lot more fun. Lanes of pumpkins as far as the viewfinder can see…..

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