oliver fern dozes in the piggyback on the Kalalau Trail after frolicking at Hanakapi’ai Beach

We spent most of Thanksgiving Day along the north shore of Kauai, including hiking the Kalalau trail to Hanakapi’ai Beach on quite possibly the most beautiful sunny day on the island we’ve ever experienced. Even Mt. Waialeale, one of the rainiest places on earth (450 inches of rain a year), was sunshiney! We spent quite a long time at Hanakapi’ai, watching some local surfers rip it up on one of the island’s most dangerous beaches. Or is it shred? Rip, shred, cheese-grate it, I dunno…….but it was impressive. Of course, I’m one of the most dowdy land-lubbers there is. To be honest, I was most impressed by one of the surfers who hiked the Kalalau trail with bare feet. At any rate, for the second day in a row Adam surprised me with his stamina on the trail. He’s a good hiker. Last night he was leaving me in his dust on a trail above Waimea Canyon while the sound of my heartbeat flooshed-whooshed in my ears and I half-worried about passing out because of the heat. We rewarded him after the Kalalau hike with some snorkeling-time at Ke’e Beach before departing for Po’ipu for the night.

The boys were just downright pooped tonight, especially Oliver Fern. Adam was snoring in five minutes after lights-out. Diana and I ate homemade pumpkin pie after they went to bed……

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