oliver fern tries to smash open a coconut at maha’ulepu but does not possess the brute strength to do so

We enjoyed a morning outing to Maha’ulepu, where we had the beach at Kawailoa Bay to ourselves, which seems hard to believe since bustling Po’ipu casts a certain shadow upon the sunny south shore of the island. Maha’ulepu was one of the first places I explored on the island the first time we visited Kauai so I regard it with a certain fondness. We were going to take Oliver’s hairy pet coconut with us but Adam reported it was dripping coconut milk all over the place and why yes in fact it was. Oliver got a lot of mileage out of that coconut, haha! We all did. It seemed fated to leave with us after being returned to the ocean in the burbling backwash only to be happily deposited to Oliver by a giant wave.

Later, we had a lazy lunch and watched the last two quarters of the Apple Cup (the end-of-season rivalry football game between the University of Washington and Washington State University) at our apartment while Oliver Fern napped. That was quite enjoyable, as it has been eons since I watched a football game on television (though I prefer radio for drama). I’m happy to report that Seattle appeared satisfyingly dreary on the television set. We spent the last couple hours of the day swimming, sometimes in warm downpours…..the raindrops made enormous asterisks on the water. It has been sunny all week but Saturday and Sunday look to be rainy and stormy in paradise, even on the south shore. Really, this is okay because it has been so nice this week and mother nature must be repaid. The boys are enjoying themselves immensely, which makes me happy. A vacation someplace so far from home like this takes extra work with a 16 month old, but so far it hasn’t been overly daunting. Oliver likes to say Hawaii over and over, he’s such a doll.

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