a runaway box truck careens down our hill and smashes cars left and right and a news helicopter captures an image of the hulk from a thousand feet above

Our street was a horrible mess of car parts, woody debris and rushing water this morning. The brakes went out on a box truck at the top of our hill and (sans driver) it literally bulldozed cars, trucks, trees and a fire hydrant halfway to the Arboretum. No one was seriously injured, it could have been a truly awful day in the history of the neighborhood had anyone been run over. I heard the destruction from Adam’s room (i was putting laundry away) and sprinted to Oliver’s room. He’d been playing hide-n-seek from me under his crib and my first thought was a bookshelf had tipped over or a window had shattered after an errant flock of crows mistook our house for something to crash into.

At any rate, Oliver and I wandered down the street marveling at the wreckage. I captured some interesting footage of the firefighters struggling with the gushing geyser of muddy water where the hydrant used to be. Later, Grandma informed me Oliver and I were captured on camera by one of the news helicopters……..sure enough, there on the internet the grainy accident scene-footage featured us standing by a pile of concrete rubble in front of Chris and Shawn’s house that’d gotten tossed like rice halfway down the block. Can ANYONE take a mubberclucking gobfracken picture of me where I don’t look either fat or ugly? Nope!

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