Mouse Soup

Mouse Soup by Arnold Lobel was a classic book from my childhood (in fact, I used to read it on the pot a whole lot). The bee sting welts on the weasel’s face (after he has fallen for the mouse’s clever trick) used to bother me. To this day, whenever I get any sort of welt, it gives me the creeps. Tonight, Adam read all of the stories in Mouse Soup for reading practice. He laughed the hardest at the story about the crickets. At any rate, this was a pretty easy book for him. Curiously, the only word that tripped him up at all was on the very last page (the word finished).

I’m going to keep Mouse Soup in our reading practice rotation for awhile so it’s yet to be determined how fond of it Adam will get. Although it’s a classic chuckle-inducer, it doesn’t really make it super high on the Tyrannosaurus Fir Reading List because Adam’s reading tastes are a bit more refined these days. When Oliver and I start reading it in another year or so, it could bump up the list a tad.

  1. Stickeen: John Muir and the Brave Little Dog, Donnell Rubay and Christopher Canyon
  2. Fly High, Fly Low, Don Freeman
  3. Ginger Pye, Eleanor Estes
  4. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, Robert O’Brien
  5. A Pocketful of Passage, Loraine Campbell
  6. Louis Braille: the boy who invented books for the blind, Margaret Davidson
  7. The BIG Red Book of Beginner Books, P.D. Eastman, Joan Heilbroner and P.D. Eastman, Robert Lopshire, Mike McClintock and Fritz Seibel, Al Perkins and Eric Gurney, Marilyn Sadler and Roger Bollen
  8. Mouse Soup, Arnold Lobel
  9. Hydro’s Adventure Through the Water Cycle, Randi and Michael Goodrich
  10. Small Pig, Arnold Lobel
  11. Down to the Sea: The Story of a Little Salmon and His Neighborhood, Jay Nicholas
  12. Christopher for President, Addie

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