there will be mud resembling butterscotch pudding and milk chocolate

For the most part, this is what your cleanish newer shoes will look like after walking the Okolehao Trail on the north shore!

And this is nothing, really. At one point during the hike I realized my feet felt heavy and tired- I looked down and it appeared I’d had stubby rhinoceros feet surgically implanted onto my own, so much goopy glop had caked around the edges of my sneakers. That is when for fun I really should’ve documented my fouled footwear, but at the time I was traumatized after nearly walking into a web belonging to a spider the size of my face. And immediately after that I started seeing those little crab spiders all over the place. But still a nice, lovely walk.  A ton of Norfolk Island Pines, and not the dainty indoor kind like back home. Real, actual trees!

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