red dirt earth

This is Adam rolling around like a little birdie in the dirt on the Canyon Trail, staining himself and his clothes in the process. In retrospect, I’m a tad disappointed he and I didn’t get to do at least a few more long walks together on the island last month. The problem started the day after this on the Kalalau Trail when he got four wicked blisters (two on each foot) because of poorly-fitting shoes. He didn’t complain once at the time even though it must have hurt like crazy. Those shoes went straight to the rubbish pile, let me tell you. Needless to say, long distance walking for him was necessarily limited the rest of our time on Kaua’i. Which I’m sure didn’t exactly break his heart. He enjoys hiking quite a bit but let’s face it: What sane six year old would pick toiling on dusty warm trails over swimming for hours in the warm ocean and a pool? They were blisters of convenience! On the bright side, it meant I had more freedom going where I wanted to go and could walk faster and farther.

I like the Canyon Trail. My first time on it I walked pretty far beyond Waipo’o Falls (that’s the turn-around for most people). Adam and I stopped at Waipo’o Falls and had the spillway to ourselves for snacking and gazing. Man alive, I was just cooking on this hike even though we saved it for late afternoon and evening. It was warm as all get out and Adam was even walking circles around me, it felt like. A fairly clear case of just not yet being acclimated to the heat of the island……

The scene above is the trail where it begins to drop down to Waipo’o Falls. Adam fell on his bottom here over the steep, pesky dirt. Right after that we chatted with beautiful husky-voiced Swedish women who had recently moved to Seattle, Adam’s Sounders shirt caught their eye (the Sounders are Seattle’s professional soccer team). They were one of the last parties we saw for the evening.

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