goblin gates on the elwha river

Adam and I rode the ferry out of Seattle on Friday afternoon (the 3:00 sailing aboard the M.V. Tacoma) and spent that night in Port Angeles where we ate a prodigious amount of pizza and every five minutes asked each other what Oliver Fern might be doing right then and there back home. We usually agreed on a rough version that included him dashing about uncontrollably with his wooden pushcart, his bunny a willing-but-terrified passenger. At any rate, we headed up the glorious woods of the Elwha River on a surprisingly clear, crisp Saturday morning. Very crisp, we finally stopped shivering at Elk Overlook, where the sun spilled enchantingly over the mossy boulders of that stunning vista. It was here that I took some of my favorite images of the day. The last time I was here, bears were foraging in the meadows 500 feet below that were so green that Spring. We would see a large herd of elk later in our morning (browsing on the grasses of the rocky river bottom) but none at Elk Overlook.

Next, we dropped steeply down to the Elwha and visited Goblin Gates.

Adam was mesmerized by the boiling torrent of river where it churns its way through narrow rock and disappears mysteriously into the forest…..where perhaps ornery goblins really do live and wait to gobble up walkers and trampers who have their minds on pretty things like sunshine and trees.

We walked as far as the Dodger Point bridge, where we shivered again in early winter shadows and huddled euphorically against icy wind rushing downstream through Convulsion Canyon.

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