the old bungalow on east olive way next to where B&O Espresso used to be

I’ve always been intrigued by this shake-sided, green-shingled bungalow on East Olive Way that’s now in the shadow of a midrise development where beloved B&O Espresso once stood- though I’ve heard B&O will be grandfathered back into the space, so to speak. This address had been one of the dream places on my list of old houses to convert into a live-in bookshop (the dream pinpricked over the years as real estate on the Hill skyrocketed out of reach). There’s never been any sign of commercial activity at the house that I can tell. It was hard coming up with a good capture of the place. There’s an obnoxious brick wall on one side. And this is a high traffic area on the Hill with buses roaring up and down East Olive and I was packing Oliver in the backpack carrier. I don’t like to do things like stand in the street to compose a picture when he’s with me, even if there are no cars around and I’m on high alert. It’s a question of moral authority. It makes things too confusing for later if we’re reading a Busytown story and Lowly Worm high-mindedly stops absentminded Hilda Hippo from mindlessly traipsing into the crosswalk against the light.

With the upper stories, this new building is a strikingly prominent new landmark on the Hill. It has taken a while to get used to it when I’m coming down East John in the car or bus……it’s situated on a bend in the street, which magnifies its presence. On your way up East Olive from Denny, it looms over the streetscape….a marked contrast from little Glo’s just down the hill. I’d like to capture that next time when I have a wider lens with me. Every few months it seems, the densification of the Hill continues to create unusual changes in the character of various blocks and micro-neighborhoods. It’s a controversial, emotional topic (with variously different viewpoints) for parties that’ve lived on and around Capitol Hill for decades.

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